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Discipline is founded on pride, on careful focus on details, as well as on shared respect and self-confidence.

Discipline <a href=""></a> is founded on pride, on careful focus on details, as well as on shared respect and self-confidence.

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31. We discovered to swallow my pride. Swallow it and leave. Chris Lee

32. Humility may be the power to provide your pride up but still retain your dignity. Vanna Bonta

33. Pride makes us synthetic and humility causes us to be genuine. Thomas Merton

34. Simply take pride in what lengths you have come. Have trust in what lengths you are able to go Anonymous

35. The older you can get, the greater you understand that it’sn’t concerning the product things, or ego or pride. It is about our hearts and whom they beat for Anonymous

36. Pride is valuable to us. We can not manage to lose it. However it is more straightforward to lose you are pride towards the one you like rather than lose your love as a result of your worthless pride Anonymous

37. Pride can be involved with that is appropriate, humility is worried using what is appropriate. Ezra T. Benson

38. The fact is difficult to ingest if you are choking on your own pride Anonymous

39. Pride Can Cost You Everything But Make You With Absolutely Nothing Anonymous

40. It is best to reduce your pride to your one you love rather than lose the main one you like for the pride Anonymous

41. For many entertainers, there was a single experience, one defining moment, whenever self-confidence replaces the self-doubt that a lot of of us wrestle with. Charley Pride

42. Pride that dines on vanity, sups on contempt. Benjamin Franklin

43. If only you’d simply swallow down your pride for as soon as and acknowledge me anonymous that you really do miss

44. The enemy that is greatest to love is the pride. Pete Wilson

45. Pride could be the moms and dad of destruction; pride consumes your brain together with heart plus the heart alive. Anne Rice

46. Should your pride is larger than your heart along with your ego is larger than your mind, develop or perhaps you shall be alone for a lifetime.