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HIV Transmission and Danger Isolating Reality From Fiction

HIV Transmission and Danger Isolating Reality From Fiction

It’s much harder to transmit HIV than many people think. Thanks to many years of dedicated work by experts and researchers, we’ve an understanding that is solid of means HIV passes from individual to individual.

Regrettably, a lot of our society remains clinging to harmful, outdated urban myths about HIV transmission.

The fact that none of those behaviors pose any risk in a recent survey, 28% of millennials and Gen Zers said they would be reluctant to hug, talk to, or even associate with someone living with HIV—despite.

Thankfully, we have g d science to combat misinformation about the real way HIV passes in one person to another. In this resource guide, we’ll break down the science of HIV transmission and dispel harmful misconceptions. We’ll also explain why specific groups of people are almost certainly going to be managing HIV than the others, and we’ll offer practical steps you can take to keep yourself HIV negative—or, if you’re managing HIV, to prevent transmission that is onward of virus.

If you’re scanning this guide that you will be OK because you were recently diagnosed with HIV, remember. Powerful medications will allow you to live a lengthy and healthier life.