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Beating Tinder: How I Banged 17 brand new teenagers in 5 days

Beating Tinder: How I Banged 17 brand new teenagers in 5 days

What’s up, folks. I’ve fucked over 100 ladies from Tinder, split-tested dozens of profiles, bios, and openers, and that I wanna teach you everything I’ve learned through the past 2-3 a great deal of weighty Tindering.

2 Biggest Classes:

The most important coaching we figured out happened to be that, first off, LMS (styles, dollars and updates) rule great on Tinder. I recognize everybody previously is aware that, but We still see people uploading dumb stool on Tinder that has pointless.

You intend to develop your very own account to show those three abstraction. Something that demonstrates you are good-looking, physically jacked, need reputation, and have now some money.

Today, i am aware precisely what you’re believing. “B-but Jon, consequently I’ll merely put silver diggers!”

No crap. You’re instead of Tinder getting a sweetheart, you’re on Tinder to gather set. If you like a girlfriend, see night games and use grocery stores and malls.

When you have pre-selection, after that definitely demonstrate they. However this is among speediest ways to create simply price, inside ease, without carrying out much besides uploading an image or two up indeed there.

Designing Your Very Own Shape

Illustration of photos from my own Tinder member profile

You want your very own member profile being about 90per cent fuck man, and 10% sweetie. Here’s the reason from this.

For instance, to my member profile, i’ve a huge amount of images of me personally along with other women, being jacked, carrying out cool/fun dump, and You will find one photo around of my mummy and that I on valentine’s day.