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Just just How did you enter into polyamory/ non- monogamy?

Just just How did you enter into polyamory/ non- monogamy? interracial dating app

It absolutely was a pretty process that is organic us. We’d been together 8 years – since our really twenties that are early and had constantly struggled with complete monogamy, despite dedication to one another. We had formerly tried a relationship that is‘traditional’ open but upon expression we didn’t have the readiness at that time to navigate it without causing harmed. Whenever we heard of the Feeld relationship application (dating for partners, really) we thought we’d give it a try. The remainder is history. We didn’t begin this period of our relationship with any objectives, nor any tangible guidelines. With felt our method through when you are open and honest with each other. To date, after 2 yrs of seeing individuals being a set, it is working very well.

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Will it be something you’re both equally into?

Generally speaking, definitely. I do believe that’s a essential section of why it really works for all of us. Because our type of non-monogamy involves primarily seeing individuals being a set, it’s also essential that individuals are either into that individual (and that the 3rd individual is similarly into us!) the simple fact that we’re both bisexual definitely helps that.