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I am polyamorous, and Twitter does not think my sexuality exists

I am polyamorous, and Twitter does not think my sexuality exists

Hey, Online. I am polyamorous.

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Yes, polyamory is a genuine sex. As opposed to popular belief, it generally does not simply relate to university freshmen who would like to have intercourse with every thing in sight (though, more capacity to those individuals). I will be drawn to, date, and love multiple individuals during the time that is same.

Presently, i’ve two severe, committed, and supportive boyfriends. No cheating is included: most of us are completely conscious of, and completely consent to, the arrangement. I will be extremely pleased with them, and would like to manage to show that to your globe by establishing my Facebook relationship status as “In a relationship” with both of these.

Unfortuitously, i cannot. Facebook will not enable users to record several partner on the profile.

Yes, you’ll state that you’re within an Open Relationship, but i will be not. We am since seriously and exclusively dedicated to two boyfriends when I is always to one. You can easily declare that “It’s Complicated,” but in this instance, as well as in numerous, numerous relationships that are polyamorous it is really not complicated. I favor him, and I also love him, each of them, significantly more than other people.

Polyamorous people cope with this handicap in several means, none of which will make them specially pleased.