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Without a doubt on how to arranged and employ Your Amazon Echo Dot

Without a doubt on how to arranged and employ Your Amazon Echo Dot

Important Echo Dot Functions

You could begin asking Alexa concerns when you finalize the setup. But to obtain the complete experience, you must know about a few of the other functions of one’s Dot.

Echo Dot Buttons and Lights

We now haven’t discussed the buttons on the Echo Dot device yet. Have a look at the very best, and you should see a couple of:

  • The Plus and Minus buttons control the amount. Once you touch one, you will spot the white light band around your Echo grows or shrinks to display the present volume. You may also state Alexa, volume five setting a volume degree — any true number between 1 and 10 inclusive will continue to work.
  • Touch the Microphone Off button to disable your Echo’s microphones. The unit will illuminate red to enable you to understand it is disabled and won’t answer the wake term. Press it once again make it possible for the microphones.
  • The switch with a dot could be the Action Button. Touch it to wake your Echo up similar to saying the wake term. Pushing this switch additionally comes to an end a ringing alarm or timer.

Keep in mind that when you yourself have a primary generation Echo Dot, you control the quantity by twisting the exterior band. The sooner model doesn’t have amount buttons.

Your Echo Dot will usually light with various colors and habits to keep in touch with you. Look for those frequently occurring ones:

Image credit: Hedwig Storch via Wikimedia Commons