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Exactly exactly What had been the times in the Barclaycard page?

Exactly exactly What had been the times in the Barclaycard page?

The times regarding the letter that is standard cannot quite remember, but i believe it had been from October 2013.

We have now raised a query along with my creditors during this time period. Requesting information on all interest and fees granted whilst under a DMP.

We have additionally required if they are now deemed unfair that they double check the default dates and requested that they remove them.

I am going to fully accept if they followed Stepchange advice, and I also recognise that at the time they were well within their rights to add interest, as per the terms of our agreement that I have no refund due to me.

I am aware am perhaps perhaps not entitled to such a thing from my endeavours, it would appear that the behavior of bank’s today are far more versatile and ethical, and I also have always been just asking to allow them to mirror that with our history.

Thank you to get straight back. I’ll help keep you posted.

Is it possible to advise me personally please, i will be presently in a DMP with Payplan, have already been for 4 months, have actually around another 12 to get, Barclaycard have put a standard back at my credit report, all payments have been made by me. I’m perhaps not in every arrears that I understand down, i’ve been making repayments that have been over the minimum the things I was having to pay formerly, We rang Barclaycard and ended up being informed because of the colleague that automatically if I joined into a DMP together with them i might get a standard on my file, that will unclear for six years, as it’s their policy, We queried this when I try not to think I experienced great plains lending loans installment loans any arrears, therefore a default is unjust and untrue, other loan providers have actually put arrangement to cover to my file, but barclaycard have actually placed a standard which appears really unjust, could you advise me personally the way I could possibly get surrounding this, additionally they said they are able to perhaps not see my repayments, and even though I experienced made all of them.