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Christian Hoiberg Landscape Photography.First Impressions for the Raya Professional Panel

Christian Hoiberg Landscape Photography.First Impressions for the Raya Professional Panel

As a few of you may know already, Jimmy McIntyre recently circulated their brand new processing plug in for Adobe Photoshop. Raya professional was designed to make your processing workflow much easier. Mixing multiple images, luminosity masks, improvements and internet sharpening is all available through basic steps. It might seem like paradise, but just just how good can it be?

The Raya Pro consist of three practical groups; Digital Blending, Luminosity Masks and improvements. Lets have a look at every one and do a whole workflow while just utilizing Raya professional.

Note: i am going to never be entering level for each and another function, but do an even more explanation that is general of workflow panel. At the conclusion of the review i am going to include links to your Raya professional Youtube channel where you can find in level tutorials regarding the different functions.

Digital Mixing

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Digital mixing is step one out of the workflow, this is certainly if you’re mixing pictures needless to say! After starting your pictures in photoshop, just press the amount of exposures you’ve got, and all sorts of the files will undoubtedly be placed as levels. Now align the image and you are clearly prepared to mix. A few of these actions are instead fundamental and easy tasks currently, nonetheless it does save yourself a moment to simply click on the buttons within the panel. Effortless!

Raya professional utilizes two blending practices. The well known Blend If method as well as the less popular Apply Image.Blending pictures has never ever been easier than this. It is as easy as 1,2,3! Once you understand whether you need to use Blend If or Apply image is tricky. I focus on Blend If and when the total outcome is perhaps not pleasing i shall decide to try use image.

For the image found in this workflow i came across Blend If to exert effort great!

Following the image is blended it’s simple to effortlessly Group & Merge.